Custom Colors

Our coating is available in certain standard colors, (white and almond) but any color may be requested in advance.  We use the Sherwin Williams color chart to mix your chosen color at the factory to ensure an exact color match.  We order the color ahead of time to be ready when we go to your home or property.  To request a custom color, find the color you want on the color chart and give the name and number of the color to the sales person when you place your order. 

A good resource for finding your color or the Sherwin Williams equivalent is at  Or visit the Sherwin Williams online color visualizer to choose a color online.  Colors can be found, selected and printed.  Note that due to variations of computer monitor display and printer reproduction, the actual paint color will vary to a greater or lesser degree from the colors that appear on your computer screen or print out.  Visit a Sherwin Williams paint store and ask for a sample of your chosen color if you need to verify a precise color selection.  At the website, you can enter any color from many different paint manufacturers, and get the equivalent color for Sherwin Williams.  So if you are trying to match a color you already have, use that website to find the closest match in the Sherwin Williams color chart. Or ask our staff for help with this.

Another color selection tool that may be useful is found at:  This site can give you the closest manufactured paint matches to colors found in a computer program or web site using color data formats such as "RGB" values or the "hexadecimal" code for the color.  Designers will understand this if you don’t.  But here is an example:

Let’s say you have a blue color you really like in a computer program, and you know the RGB code is 701,201,218 or the html hex code is #ABCADB if you put that information into the "RGB to commercial tint" page on their site, it will tell you that this is a close match to the Sherwin Williams color "SW 6506 VAST SKY".  It will also show you some other close matches.

If you need any help choosing a custom color, just ask our sales staff.

 Sherwin Williams colors at

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* See our warranty statement for details. Note that kitchen and laundry sinks do not carry the same 5 year warranty due to the abuse they are commonly subject to. However our workmanship is always guaranteed in case of any error in the application process. Refinished kitchen sinks can last many years when care and maintenance suggestions are followed.