Care and Maintenance

All Kitchen and Bathroom surfaces must be maintained.  Real porcelain will scratch and dull over time if harsh abrasives are used or if acid drain cleaners back up into the bathtub.  Kitchen sinks and counters get banged up if heavy pots and pans are carelessly handled.  Additional care should be taken with refinished surfaces because although the finish is tough, the finish is a coating and will wear through or chip eventually if not treated with care.  The following are our care and maintenance recommendations to prolong the life and beauty of your new refinished surface. 

  • Do not use abrasive cleansers, as they will damage the finish by scratching the surface causing the original shine to dull over time.  

  • Do not use cleansers with bleach as this will make the surface dull and brittle.

  • Do not use reglazed counters as a cutting surface. Use a cutting board to avoid scratches and knife marks. Do not drop sharp or heavy objects on the finish, which may cause it to chip.  Chips may be repaired but are best avoided.

  • Do not allow faucets to continue to leak.  Leaky faucets must be repaired to protect the finish against the eroding action of dripping water. Constant water flow may cause the finish weaken over time or wear out prematurely.

  • Do not use acid bearing compounds (drain openers, tile grout cleaners) or other harsh chemicals including chemicals containing dyes that may stain the surface. 

  • Do not place rubberized mats or daisy stickers to the bathtub, as they will damage the surface when removed.  Mats are not usually needed since our surface is actually safer than a real porcelain finish.  Real porcelain is far more slippery than our finish.  If bath mats must be used, take them out of the tub after use to avoid trapped moisture.  We can apply a permanent non-slip coating if this is a concern.

  • Do not use mats with suction cups.   They create conditions that weaken the coating over time.

  • Do clean the surface with a cloth or sponge moistened with soap and water.  The best cleaners for surfaces are spray cleaners or spray, foam tub and tile cleaners.

Why Pacific Reglazing?

Six Good Reasons to Use Pacific Reglazing

1. Better, Safer Coating: The coating we use costs a little more, but unlike cheaper products used by many other refinishers, our coatings do NOT yellow, and last for many years. Because of the large volume of work that we do, we are able to get a bulk discount that makes these better materials more affordable, so we can keep the cost of our services down without sacrificing quality. Our surface is very hard and smooth – like an authentic porcelain finish. Other coatings are porous and more difficult to keep clean and maintain. And unlike cheaper materials used by others, our coating does not contain any free-isocyanates which means they are safer to use and better for the environment. Our coating is smooth and shiny but NOT slippery when wet, which makes it safer than an original porcelain finish which can be a slip and fall hazard and liability to a property owner.

2. Licensed and Fully Insured: Contractors who are not insured are a great liability. If they get hurt on the job they can sue a property owner and could even end up owning your building. It happens. Be aware that small operators often undercut competitor prices by cutting corners and since insurance is very expensive they usually choose to go without proper insurance coverage. We carry $1,000,000 in liability insurance as well as full Workers Compensation coverage.
You can verify prospective contractor’s license information at

3. 5 Year Warranty: Our re-glazing services come with a 5 year warranty* that guarantees our surface will hold up under normal use for a period of 5 years. This means that if the surface were ever to peel or bubble we would return to the job and fix the problem or strip and refinish the job from scratch. We have proven to our long term customers that we stand by our work. You can trust that we will be here when you need help with work that is under warranty. Other companies put all of the burden on you to provide proof of coverage. But we keep accurate records of all work which means if you lose your receipt for work we did we can look up the job and verify your warranty coverage.

4. Years in Business: We’ve been in business since 1991, and our company continues to grow every year. You can be confident that we will be here to honor our warranty if you ever need it. Apartment owners do a lot of re-glazing which adds up to a very significant investment. Home owners take pride in their homes and have a lot invested in it. Protect the investment you’ve made in your fixtures by using a company that will be there if something goes wrong. We have had new customers come to us needing repairs to surfaces refinished by someone else throughout their building. They called the original contractor for warranty service only to find the company no longer in business. A warranty is worthless if a company is not there to make good on their promises.

5. Customer Service: We have a staffed office open from 8:00am – 5:00pm always ready to help you. Our company is still small enough to care about your business, but large enough that you can trust you will be taken care of. Our staff try hard to give you perfect service, and if we do make a mistake we do everything possible to make it right. We take pride in what we do which is why the company has grown consistently every year.

6. Value and Price: Our services are priced for commercial customers. The same services are performed by others for as much as twice the price! If you can find someone who says they’ll do it for less, look at 1-5 above. For dependable service at the best prices, use Pacific Reglazing!

What is Reglazing?

Reglazing is a coined word that came into common use by customers more than by the industry itself, as a descriptive term for bathtub refinishing, which is the process applied to old bathtubs and sinks to repair the surface and attempt to replicate the look and feel of porcelain.  This is accomplished using materials that cure to a very hard finish and are an effective replacement for the original porcelain glaze, and is done in place in the home, as reglazing does not require the application of heat in a kiln like real porcelain does.  The processes developed for porcelain refinishing, were found useful and effective on other non-porcelain surfaces such as counters, appliances and fiberglass showers and tubs, so are commonly used on these surfaces also, as a method of repairing and refurbishing almost any kitchen and bathroom surface.

There are many different materials and processes in use in the industry.  These range from cheaper common materials such as basic automotive paint, to specialized high performance  formulations designed by chemists specifically for the bathtub refinishing industry.  

Reglazing has become a very popular kitchen and bathroom solution because properly done, it is fast, inexpensive, surprisingly durable, available in any solid color, and even stone-like speckled finishes are available as well which are most popular for kitchen counters.  An old worn bathtub, sink or countertop surface can be transformed into a beautiful like-new fixture that greatly enhances the desirability of a kitchen or bathroom, without the great expense of replacing fixtures as with a full tear out remodel.

Our reglazing process produces a finish that is very hard and durable, will not yellow with age, and has a look and feel that is very much like a true porcelain finish. 

Our service is backed by a 5-year warranty, and since we have been using the same processes for many years, you can be certain that our process works effectively and holds up to long terms use.

Reglazing a Bathtub 


Reglazing is a GREEN solution.  When you refinish a kitchen or bathroom fixture, you help save Earth resources and reduce the burden on local land fills. 

We use only the safest effective materials. Our coating, does NOT contain free form Isocyanates, a known carcinogenic (cancer causing) common in similar materials.