Care and Maintenance

All Kitchen and Bathroom surfaces must be maintained.  Real porcelain will scratch and dull over time if harsh abrasives are used or if acid drain cleaners back up into the bathtub.  Kitchen sinks and counters get banged up if heavy pots and pans are carelessly handled.  Additional care should be taken with refinished surfaces because although the finish is tough, the finish is a coating and will wear through or chip eventually if not treated with care.  The following are our care and maintenance recommendations to prolong the life and beauty of your new refinished surface. 

  • Do not use abrasive cleansers, as they will damage the finish by scratching the surface causing the original shine to dull over time.  

  • Do not use cleansers with bleach as this will make the surface dull and brittle.

  • Do not use reglazed counters as a cutting surface. Use a cutting board to avoid scratches and knife marks. Do not drop sharp or heavy objects on the finish, which may cause it to chip.  Chips may be repaired but are best avoided.

  • Do not allow faucets to continue to leak.  Leaky faucets must be repaired to protect the finish against the eroding action of dripping water. Constant water flow may cause the finish weaken over time or wear out prematurely.

  • Do not use acid bearing compounds (drain openers, tile grout cleaners) or other harsh chemicals including chemicals containing dyes that may stain the surface. 

  • Do not place rubberized mats or daisy stickers to the bathtub, as they will damage the surface when removed.  Mats are not usually needed since our surface is actually safer than a real porcelain finish.  Real porcelain is far more slippery than our finish.  If bath mats must be used, take them out of the tub after use to avoid trapped moisture.  We can apply a permanent non-slip coating if this is a concern.

  • Do not use mats with suction cups.   They create conditions that weaken the coating over time.

  • Do clean the surface with a cloth or sponge moistened with soap and water.  The best cleaners for surfaces are spray cleaners or spray, foam tub and tile cleaners.

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