Care and Maintenance

All Kitchen and Bathroom surfaces must be maintained.  Real porcelain will scratch and dull over time if harsh abrasives are used or if acid drain cleaners back up into the bathtub.  Kitchen sinks and counters get banged up if heavy pots and pans are carelessly handled.  Additional care should be […] Read more »

Why Pacific Reglazing?

Six Good Reasons to Use Pacific Reglazing 1. Better, Safer Coating: The coating we use costs a little more, but unlike cheaper products used by many other refinishers, our coatings do NOT yellow, and last for many years. Because of the large volume of work that we do, we are […] Read more »

What is Reglazing?

Reglazing is a coined word that came into common use by customers more than by the industry itself, as a descriptive term for bathtub refinishing, which is the process applied to old bathtubs and sinks to repair the surface and attempt to replicate the look and feel of porcelain.  This […] Read more »