What is Reglazing?

Reglazing is a coined word that came into common use by customers more than by the industry itself, as a descriptive term for bathtub refinishing, which is the process applied to old bathtubs and sinks to repair the surface and attempt to replicate the look and feel of porcelain.  This is accomplished using materials that cure to a very hard finish and are an effective replacement for the original porcelain glaze, and is done in place in the home, as reglazing does not require the application of heat in a kiln like real porcelain does.  The processes developed for porcelain refinishing, were found useful and effective on other non-porcelain surfaces such as counters, appliances and fiberglass showers and tubs, so are commonly used on these surfaces also, as a method of repairing and refurbishing almost any kitchen and bathroom surface.

There are many different materials and processes in use in the industry.  These range from cheaper common materials such as basic automotive paint, to specialized high performance  formulations designed by chemists specifically for the bathtub refinishing industry.  

Reglazing has become a very popular kitchen and bathroom solution because properly done, it is fast, inexpensive, surprisingly durable, available in any solid color, and even stone-like speckled finishes are available as well which are most popular for kitchen counters.  An old worn bathtub, sink or countertop surface can be transformed into a beautiful like-new fixture that greatly enhances the desirability of a kitchen or bathroom, without the great expense of replacing fixtures as with a full tear out remodel.

Our reglazing process produces a finish that is very hard and durable, will not yellow with age, and has a look and feel that is very much like a true porcelain finish. 

Our service is backed by a 5-year warranty, and since we have been using the same processes for many years, you can be certain that our process works effectively and holds up to long terms use.

Reglazing a Bathtub 


Reglazing is a GREEN solution.  When you refinish a kitchen or bathroom fixture, you help save Earth resources and reduce the burden on local land fills. 

We use only the safest effective materials. Our coating, does NOT contain free form Isocyanates, a known carcinogenic (cancer causing) common in similar materials.

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